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The Best Support Available to Small Businesses in the UK

  • Exclusive access to the largest business network in the UK
  • Benefit from a wide range of vital business services
  • Unlimited access to FSB Legal Hub, including over 430 factsheets and in excess of 750 legal documents covering key legal, HR, tax and health and safety issues

You could have access to all this from just £177 in the first year

Employment Protection

Our employment law advice service is bound to make your life a lot easier. As a member, you will have access to important information and guidance on UK employment legislation, as well as round-the-clock, 24/7 employment legal advice. Furthermore, you will have exclusive access to online legal documents and insurance protection should you be taken to an employment tribunal, with cover up to £100,000 per claim.

Tax Investigation Protection

Our tax investigation insurance will protect you if you’re selected for certain business related HMRC investigations, and former tax inspectors will represent you and liaise directly with your accountant on your behalf.

FSB Cyber Protection

With cyber attacks and security breaches becoming ever more sophisticated and frequent, you need FSB Cyber Protection. Membership gives you access to our advice line and our limited insurance, which will support and protect your business at no extra cost.

FSB Care

If you’re diagnosed with a serious health condition (including stress or depression), FSB offers free access to a personal nurse adviser, who will provide you with both practical information and emotional support.

FSB Business Banking

Specially designed to meet all your day-to-day needs, FSB Business Banking provided by The Co-operative Bank, lets you focus on the most important thing to you, your business. Account subject to status and application.

Health and Safety

Gain access to the latest information on health and safety in the workplace. Speak to industry experts on our advice line and benefit from our online training modules.

FSB Business Continuity

Our members are automatically entitled to a free business continuity planning kit, which will help you decide how best to protect your business should the worst possible scenario occur.

FSB PR/Crisis Management

Our PR/Crisis management advice service provides you with access to telephone advice from PR experts, who will be able to guide and support you through any crisis.

FSB Debt Recovery

FSB Debt Recovery affords the opportunity to recover up to 100 per cent of the money owed — even if the debtor is based overseas. In most cases this will cost you absolutely nothing!

FSB Resources

Access our exclusive resources section, complete with factsheets, helpful guides and business information for a wide range of industries.

FSB Insurance Service

Our exclusive insurance service is the go-to insurance broker for all FSB members.

Lobbying on Your Behalf

We have a powerful voice heard in Government across the UK, national and local level, representing members’ views to Ministers, Government Departments, MPs, MEPs, MSPs, Assembly Members, Councillors and Local Enterprise Partnerships. FSB has a voice wherever decisions are made.

Get exclusive access to support for your business today

Further benefits of FSB membership

Legal Hub

If you need legal information for your business, FSB is a reliable online resource of factsheets and legal documents. Browse over 750 documents, covering every vital legal, tax, HR and health and safety issue your business might ever encounter.

First Voice (the FSB magazine)

Every quarter you’ll receive a printed copy of First Voice, the official magazine of FSB. Packed with news, features and member stories, it’s an absolute must-read!

Access to FSB networking

You can attend events exclusively for FSB members all across the UK. Many events are free to attend and provide a fantastic platform for getting your business noticed.


Business Essentials Membership

FSB Business Essentials m/membership [see point 40] costs as little as £177 in the first year. It covers any businesses you’re involved with, and the annual fee is based on your employee count.

FSB is also proud to offer a discounted £65 associate membership (with a one-off £30 joining fee) specifically for additional directors or partners involved in the same business as the full member. Associate members can be referred upon joining. If you would like more information regarding your particular circumstances, please do get in touch with our Customer Service team.

Number of employees Annual subscription Registration fee Total cost
0 employees  £147 £30 £177
1–4 employees £199 £30 £229
5–10 employees £253 £30 £283
11–20 employees £304 £30 £334
21–30 employees £371 £30 £401
31–40 employees £402 £30 £432
41–50 employees £449 £30 £479
51–100 employees £577 £30 £607
101–150 employees £980 £30 £1010
151-249 employees £980 + £5 for each employee above 150 £30  £1010+ 

More time for you to focus on your business

Business owners often find they need to be experts in areas such as tax, the law, and HR.
Members can ask FSB for support, advice and help so they can focus on their businesses.


Our employment law advice service is here to make your life easier with important information and guidance on employment legislation in the UK.


Members have automatic access to comprehensive and free tax advice and tax investigation insurance – protecting you if you’re selected for a business related HMRC investigation.


24/7 advice line and access to over 430 factsheets and in excess of 750 legal documents.